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Valuable Links - Git

Why a links post about Git? There are plenty of resources, right? Exactly! There’s almost too many resources around Git and you can reach a profiency in Git with just a few. For fun, check out the results of this search for git books vs svn books. Hopefully this post will help you to never need to go through that list. Some Opinions It’s funny to me that git is a tool one can become skilled at. Read more...

Valuable Links - TLS

links tls
This is embarassing to admit but I have to re-learn Transport Layer Security (TLS) on a continuous basis. This post is my cheatsheet to remembering all the itty bitty details, which I’ll forgot shortly after I do whatever TLS related task I have on my plate. What’s TLS you ask? Take 9 minutes to listen to this fantastic episode on Public key cryptography which will prime (hah!) you up for the rest of the post. Read more...

Valuable Links - Podcasts

links podcasts
It’s quite surprising that I haven’t really brought up the topic of podcasts on my blog considering that I’ve been consuming them for almost 10 years! My methods and taste have changed a lot over the years. I want a place to point people when asked about what podcasts I listen to, and with a little more context than just a pure list. Software / Tools A podcast is such a simple concept (from the technical side) that it allows for a lot of tools and applications to be created around the idea. Read more...

Valuable Links - Devops

links devops
Valuable Links for Devops TL;DR - Watch this video and read the 10 myths of DevOps (which also links to what I now find is the best video on devops). Since I first learned the term devops 4 years ago I’ve gone through many leaps in understanding. I really wish I saw this video (history of devops) before I got involved. As a software developer, I find delivering frequently highly motivating. Read more...

Valuable Links - Vim

links vim
First Off - Introducing Valuable Links Today I’ve decided to start something new. I tend to send my friends and colleagues links about all sorts of things. Usually when they are pertinent to a problem they are having, or to supplement a conversation I’ve had with them. My usual process to reproduce these links ends up being a search in: Twitter, Pocket, History, and my Bookmarks. Also, when I share my links I tend to write a few sentences about them. Read more...
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