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TL;DR - Watch this video and read the 10 myths of DevOps (which also links to what I now find is the best video on devops).

Since I first learned the term devops 4 years ago I’ve gone through many leaps in understanding. I really wish I saw this video (history of devops) before I got involved. As a software developer, I find delivering frequently highly motivating. Devops is a set of principles and practices that aim to ensure delivery goes as smooth as possible. I found this post, A Scientific Basis For Devops Success, to be a great introduction to why devops is important.


This list isn’t comprehensive, but you can’t go wrong by reading what these people have to say:

Devops is not a Role

It took me a while to realize that devops is not a role played on a team and that it’s got more in commong with Agile in the fact that it’s a collection of principles rather than straight up proceesses.

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