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Joining Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Moving to Dublin

soundcloud cloudfoundry
It’s been a while since I’ve posted a “life update”. The TL;DR is that I have joined Pivotal Cloud Foundry in January and will be moving to Dublin in June. Reflections on Berlin and SoundCloud My guess is the most frequent question about this is: what happened? When I posted about my decision to move to Berlin and join SoundCloud it appeared that I had found something I really wanted to do. Read more...

Joining SoundCloud and Moving to Berlin

career break soundcloud cloudfoundry
I can’t say exactly when the job search began. It began with the creation of a Note in Evernote (great tool for this type of task). It was much different than any other job search I’ve done, though I haven’t done many as I tend to stick to job for at least 4 years at a time. The key difference with this search was that I wasn’t working, and wasn’t in a hurry to find a job. Read more...
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