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What Makes Something a "Devops" Tool?

The term “devops” has only existed for 5 years and the trend is to label your tool as a devops tool in order for it to gain traction. When I look at the landscape of tools, most look like Ops tools, just relabeled. The reason this has been on my mind is that myself and Subhas released a website called Devops Bookmarks to aggregate all the tools in the landscape. Using a Github Pull Request for contributions results in reviewing a lot of tools and after a short amount of time I found myself second-guessing the need for such a website. Read more...

Valuable Links - Devops

links devops
Valuable Links for Devops TL;DR - Watch this video and read the 10 myths of DevOps (which also links to what I now find is the best video on devops). Since I first learned the term devops 4 years ago I’ve gone through many leaps in understanding. I really wish I saw this video (history of devops) before I got involved. As a software developer, I find delivering frequently highly motivating. Read more...
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