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My Resolutions for 2017

2016 was the first time I accomplished my goal!

Reflections on 2016

  • Write in a Journal - This one I am marking as a success. Here are the (manually) calculated stats:
Jan 9
Feb 3
Mar 12
Apr 9
May 15
Jun 9
Jul 13
Aug 14
Sep 12
Oct 14
Nov 9
Dec 12

I wrote 143 journal entries over the course of 2016. After counting them all up there are far fewer than I thought, but the frequency is actually more consistent than I thought. I had imagined I had more months that only had a couple entries. I see this as my first step in writing more and hopefully bringing it to this website. Seeing that my journalling actually increased by the end of the year makes me really happy. I’m going to continue this in 2017 for sure.

Goal for 2017:

In the spirit of keeping my goal(s) simple and achievable I’m going to stick to a similar strategy as 2016.

Perform 1 Perfect Pullup

It’s been many years since I’ve been able to do a pullup. My body finally feels recovered from my previous injuries, but it’s certainly weaker than it’s ever been. My health dashboard has already helped me reach a gym going habit, but now I need to direct this routine to a different end. I cannot do the physical things I used to because I’ve gotten so out of shape and my previous focus on running put too much pressure on my weak body.


As I grow older, the length of a year seems much shorter. I wonder if my previous goals were a result of not acknowledging how much I can possibly do in that time frame.

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