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Manager Suffixes Are a Code Smell

After attending Nothing But .Net Bootcamp I noticed none of the classes that were written in the course had a Manager suffix. I’ve sort had a eureka moment and have a good idea on why this is.

JP heavily emphasized the Single Responsibility Principle throughout the course. If a class is only has a single responsibility it will be pretty difficult to attach a Manager suffix to the class name.

So often have have I grouped together methods into some sort of “Manager” class and have always felt guilty about it. Having a Manager class almost corresponds to the Broken Windows story. You start thinking that since you have the Manager class it won’t hurt to add another method to it, which is simply giving it more responsibilities.

I think a good real world exercise for me to do is to refactor one of my Manager classes into a set of classes that perform the same operations in a much more cohesive way.