More Muc Than You Can Handle

Desktop As My Default Download Location

So I’ve been getting into the book Getting Things Done lately and can identify with many of the ideas it discusses. The one idea I really like is the consolidation of Inboxes.

I’m of the camp that likes to have a pristine desktop. I personally think the desktop should never be seen, and if it is then you’re not managing your windows properly. When things go on my desktop I naturally try to clean them up. I don’t need any application launchers because I use Launchy for that.

In the past I used to use a dedicated Downloads folder. What has always happened was a convoluted mess of files that I had no idea what they were or not sure if I even needed them. Since the folder was sort of out of the way I let it get messy. Since I already know I’m crazy about keeping my desktop clean I thought it would be interesting to make it my default download location. The result is that I’ve been diligent in following GTD actions with the files! If I need the file once I’m quick to delete it. If it’s important for something later I put it into a hold folder, and the last case is that I store it for reference.

This probably all sounds obvious, but reading GTD is like reading a design patterns book. Instead of everything looking like a singleton or a factory, I see things in their context, project, and next action.